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Entrepreneurship + money management

for artists

Are you an artist feeling "stuck"?

Interested in a flexible, remote dayjob but no idea where to begin or what to do?

Perhaps you're creatively fulfilled but feel your financial life is kind of a disaster?

Feel like you want to stay in the business but maybe want to pivot to a new facet entirely?

Maybe you have the loftiest dreams of buying a property or investing in the stock market, but feel crazy for doing so since you're barely making ends meet as it is.

I've been there.

My first years in the city I was exhausted, barely making ends meet, and deep in the grind of typical artist day jobs--catering, nannying, working at kids' name it. And to boot, I wasn't especially satisfied as an artist, either. After many failures and terrible ideas, I finally found my groove as both an artist and entrepreneur--seeking both a creatively and financially satisfying life in New York.


I'm here to help you navigate those bigger dreams. To skip the mistakes I made, and discover then secure a life that brings you joy, purpose, and stability.

Individual coachings available now.


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